Our Sales Concepts

The product plant is something really "special" and we treat them especially.

We offer more than simple concepts, because we want the consumer – inspire every day – together with you.

Of course, we appreciate details such as pot colors, packaging or impressive
labels, but the focus is always on the needs of the end customer for us.



Take advantage of what we offer:

  • best price/quality relationship across our full range
  • individual private labelling
  • thoughtful store concepts including cross-selling items (pots, fertilizer, trellises, etc.)
  • fresh ideas for retail customers
  • appealing sale displays for food retailers
  • convincing images for your ads
  • strong annual advertising and sales plans
  • Order service on system or on-site
  • European sales displays with labels
  • overall organization of your plant trade including sourcing plants or customers
  • exclusive new plants
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