Partner Region: Lower Rhine Valley

Our location in Kevelaer, Twistenden is located directly in the Lower Rhine region.
This region produces mostly outdoor products and cold greenhouse crops for
promotions and commercial applications. This site also gives us access to stock
items from all over the world.

The logistics hub in this region is also used as a hub for partial loads of nursery
goods from Northern Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The products are supplemented with bargains from plant auctions at customer request.

With Thomas Cox and Andreas Gebert we have extensive experience at the Lower
Rhine and adjacent Holland regions.

Thomas Cox is continuous for you in the nurseries to see the "best" and to load it.

We are not a wholesale marketer without looking at the production, especially without
ever losing sight of the customer.

We see ourselves as an intermediary between production and customers and
do not require expensive logistics centers.

If the customer also needs cut flowers, we will also be able to offer these
in acost-effective manner



Our Products from the Lower Rhine / Netherlands Border Region

Seasonal Items

  • early annuals: primroses, viola cornuta, bellis, forget-me-nots, ranunculus
  • flower bulbs in pots
  • bedding and container plants
  • standing and hanging geraniums, geranium hanging baskets
  • hanging baskets of all sorts
  • potted plants in all varieties
  • heather
  • perennials in all sizes
  • special autumn assortments
  • autumn products of all sorts
  • gaultheria
  • helleborus in all sizes
  • hortensia in different sizes


Special Items

  • spring branches
  • planted bowls for various holidays
  • Advent and All Saints wreathes











Various Nursery Products

  • roses
  • climbers
  • ground cover
  • fruit trees
  • various trees
  • cherry laurel and coniferous trees
  • box, willows in different sizes
  • grasses in different sizes







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