Partner Region: The Netherlands

The Aalsmeer and Westland regions are the centre of indoor plant production in Europe and the strongest location of My Green Partner from where we can offer you year-round packages. We procure the typical Dutch nursery articles from the Boskoop region for our network.

The most important item group from the region remains Phalaenopis orchids and our team member, Gert Meijer, is a real expert on this species. 60-65% of the sales in indoor plants are made in flowering plants.

We refine a lot of trendy items as specified by the customer or develop these with specialists in cooperation with the nurseries.

From Hillegom (near Aalsmeer), we are systematical and from the distance very quickly in the major growing areas of the Netherlands.

Experienced staff checks daily at the nurseries the qualities and developments of the productions.

The good quality product is not only presented by extraordinary staff, it is daily implemented and base of everything.

We are different to other wholesaler !



Our Products from the Netherlands

Indoor Plants

  • greenery
  • orchids
  • indoor flowering plants
  • miniature plants
  • bonsai
  • succulents/cacti
  • planted bowls
  • indoor plants for grafting


Seasonal Plants

  • bedding and container plants
  • large bedding and container plants
  • flower bulbs in pots and in packages


Typical Dutch

  • maple
  • pieris
  • climbers
  • lavender
  • box
  • grafted nursery products


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