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Product Range

Indoor Plants

  • greenery
  • orchids
  • indoor flowering plants
  • miniature plants
  • bonsai
  • succulents/cacti
  • planted bowls
  • indoor plants for grafting

Seasonal Plants

  • bedding and container plants
  • large bedding and container plants
  • flower bulbs in pots and in packages

Typical Dutch

  • maple
  • pieris
  • climbers
  • lavender
  • box
  • grafted nursery products

Our Products from Northern Germany

  • deciduous trees
  • conifers
  • rhododendron
  • bamboo
  • ground cover
  • climbers
  • grasses
  • specimen plants in containers or outdoors
  • special forms (bonsai, etc.)
  • heather
  • fruit

Seasonal Items

  • early annuals: primroses, viola cornuta, bellis, forget-me-nots, ranunculus
  • flower bulbs in pots
  • bedding and container plants
  • standing and hanging geraniums, geranium hanging baskets
  • hanging baskets of all sorts
  • potted plants in all varieties
  • heather
  • perennials in all sizes
  • special autumn assortments
  • autumn products of all sorts
  • gaultheria
  • helleborus in all sizes
  • hortensia in different sizes

Special Items

  • spring branches
  • planted bowls for various holidays
  • Advent and All Saints wreathes

Various Nursery Products

  • roses
  • climbers
  • ground cover
  • fruit trees
  • various trees
  • cherry laurel and coniferous trees
  • box, willows in different sizes
  • grasses in different sizes

Our Products from Belgium

  • chrysanthemums
  • special types of chrysanthemums
  • laurus nobilis
  • azalea bushes from small to extra large
  • cherry laurel in various varieties
  • succulents and cacti in a wide selection
  • sempervivum bowls and decorative pots
  • thuja
  • aucuba
  • skimmia rubella and revesiana

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